Family Farms

R.E. Hemond, Inc
Minot, Maine

R.E. Hemond, Inc. is a three-generation dairy farm founded in 1945 near Minot, Maine. The stunning red farm that sits atop rolling green hills has been an Oakhurst partner since the late 1980s. The farm feeds over 600 cows and is managed by Tom Cote.

“A lot goes into working on a farm. You never know what the day is going to bring. It’s not a dirty job, but it’s hard work and long hours. It’s not 9-5. Our crew goes above and beyond.”

Seeing the hard work pay off and the quality of milk that is produced is what makes Tom the most proud. “I take pride in taking care of the cows and making them comfortable.” The crew cares for the cows at least three times a day and a lot of effort is put forth in balancing the grain perfectly for the cows.

When asked if there is anything he wanted to say to Oakhurst customers, he simply replied, “drink more milk.” We couldn’t agree more.



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