Family Farms

Halledge Farm
Windham, Maine

Halledge Farm in Windham, Maine, is operated by Stacey Webster, a third generation farmer, and her husband Bill. In 1941, her grandfather, Stanley Hall, started raising and selling livestock at just 14 years old. After many years of being a successful livestock dealer, he grew the business into a dairy farm and began an 80-year partnership with Oakhurst Dairy. “We have a great relationship with Oakhurst. Oakhurst is about family and quality, and that’s what we’re about too.”

Farming is in Stacey’s blood—and she loves it with all her heart.

“I love animals. Being with them is therapeutic. When I walk into the barn, I have no stress. The animals are always happy to see me. It’s emotional for me—this farm means a lot to me.”

Seeing the finished product and watching the milk go out to the door and into the community gives her a sense of accomplishment and pride. “The natural goodness of Maine is what it’s all about. It’s in my heart. It’s what we live for, what we live by. It’s the only way. That’s what Maine is all about.”



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