Family Farms

Green Valle Farm
Newburgh, Maine

“To me, as a farmer, the natural goodness of Maine means that I work every day to produce an exceptional product that I know my neighbors can purchase and feed their families with. My hope is consumers know how much pride went into that gallon of milk… and that when my neighbor opens the dairy case they feel 100% confident they chose a safe, nutrient-rich product that was produced by a local farmer with pride.” —Heath Miller, Green Valle Farm, Maine

Heath Miller runs the day to day operations at Green Valle Farm in Newburgh, Maine. His great-great-grandfather built the original house and barn in the 1860s and by the 1950s, his grandfather and great uncle began to ship milk commercially with just 35 cows. Seventy years later, Green Valle Farm has grown to 250 cows. For Heath, no two days are the same and he always has to be prepared with a plan A, B and C. He takes pride in how hard his crew works to provide a quality product.

“It’s important for consumers to understand how well we care for our cows. The better our cows feel, the more quality milk they produce.”

And quality is just what they’re after. “When you buy Oakhurst milk, you are buying milk from that dairy farm that you may drive by every day. Oakhurst milk is local. The milk is hauled to Portland, processed and delivered to a store near you.”



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