Homework Help Tips

Homework Help Tips

While many parents are happy to have their kids back in school, one thing most of us aren’t so excited about is the return of nightly homework, which, for many kids (and parents) can spell confusion, frustration and arguments about how and when it needs to get done. To help keep the peace we’re sharing our four favorite tips for making homework time happier.

Start Early 

It’s best to start homework as early as possible, ideally before 5pm. This is because kids (especially the little ones) start to get tired after dinnertime, and it becomes more difficult for them to think critically. Tired, frustrated kids can also equal big meltdowns, so it’s better to get at least the tough stuff out of the way early!

Create a Special Space 

Homework is easier for everyone (including parents) when kids are excited about doing it. Help them find more enjoyment in homework by creating a special space for them to work in. Their own desk, some fun pencils and other supplies – even a special snack with a glass of milk – can help create a fun environment and routine that they can look forward to.

Be Positive 

Homework (whether the amount or difficulty – or both!) can be tough for kids. Be their biggest cheerleader. Having someone in their corner telling them they believe in them and know they are capable of doing it can actually increase their ability to perform. Your confidence in their abilities is critical in developing the self-esteem necessary to succeed. That said, you know your child best. If the amount of homework they’ve received is truly too much, or the concept seems to be entirely out of their reach, don’t be afraid to shut it down and simply pen a note to the teacher explaining your observations and asking for their assistance in making homework more manageable for your child.

Be Supportive, but Stand Back

As parents it can be hard to watch our kids struggle or get frustrated. But that’s all part of the learning process. Be supportive of your kids and encourage them to do their best, you can also help them try to break down concepts they are struggling with, but don’t do it for them. Making mistakes is part of becoming a better learner!

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