4 Festive Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

You already know that if you want to avoid being pinched on St. Patrick’s Day you’ve got to wear something green – but what about eating green?

Whether your idea of eating green involves extra veggies or a hint of food coloring, we’ve got you covered with these 4 festive recipes for St. Patrick’s Day.

  1. Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like a good old Shamrock Shake – but at 550 calories and 82 (yes, you read that right) grams of sugar – it’s probably not the best for breakfast. No worries – whip this Shamrock Smoothie together instead. Made with fat free milk, avocado, and kale – it’s created to fill you up instead of weigh you down. https://www.oakhurstdairy.com/recipe/shamrock-smoothie/
  2. Next up is another naturally green snack – Avocado Ranch Dressing. It’s easy to make at home and goes great on salad (also green, bonus points!) or as a dip for cut veggies. Perfect for keeping the little ones content until dinner is ready. https://www.oakhurstdairy.com/recipe/avocado-ranch-dressing/
  3. Speaking of dinner…this Bowtie Pasta with Peas is the perfect way to feel festive without getting gross (if you can stomach green mac + cheese, you do you, ha!). Best of all, you can make the whole meal in one pot. Because we all know nothing makes a holiday less fun than a sink full of dishes! https://milklife.com/articles/recipe/one-pot-bowtie-pasta-peas
  4. Last but definitely not least is this delicious green dessert from MrsFields.com, thanks to a carefully placed drop (or 5) of green food coloring. Don’t forget to make the homemade filling with Oakhurst heavy cream! https://www.mrsfields.com/blogs/blog/2010/03/recipe-st-patricks-day-cream-puffs/

Do you have a favorite festive food for St. Patrick’s Day? Tell us what you’re eating (or drinking) on Facebook and Instagram.

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