3 Fun Things to Do with Apples This Fall (besides eat them)

Apple picking season is in full swing – and while we love apple everything (pies, sauce, jam, cobbler, crisp…the list goes on), sometimes you just have more apples than you can eat. Save yourself the belly ache and try one or all of these fun apple projects with the kids

1. Candle Holders

Apples are the perfect harvest table décor, and they just happen to make great candle holders as well. Carve out the top of a fresh apple and place a tea light in the center (detailed directions here), then arrange in a dish or on a platter for a beautiful Fall centerpiece.

2. Apple Stamps

A is for apple – and also – art! Turn your favorite fruits and veggies into beautiful stamps in just four simple steps. Get the tutorial (and all kind of design inspiration) here.

3. Shrunken Heads

We know – it sounds gross – but this fun and easy project is perfect Halloween prep. Follow the simple steps here to carve and dry your leftover apples into spooky Halloween décor.

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