9 Epic Holiday Photo Fails

We all know the chances of that happening organically are pretty much zero. So instead we resort to tactics like placing bizarre looking stuffed animals on top of the camera, completely losing all self-dignity and dancing like a monkey behind the photographer, or even offering candy in exchange for eye contact.

When all else fails, just Photoshop your kids’ faces onto a magazine family – we won’t tell!


Or – you can skip the whole “200 photos to get one good one” rigmarole and just go with the goofy, crazy, perfectly imperfect family photo that actually represents real life. Some of you already went this route – and we’re loving it! Here are 9 of our favorite ways holiday photos go bad:

1. When your toddler just isn’t interested in sitting on a stranger’s lap, dressed in a crazy suit, offering free candy. #maybetheyhaveapoint


(Photo by Beth Larrabee)

2. When you capture that one-in-a-million shot – just not the one you were hoping for.


(Photo by Kimberly Nielsen)

3. When your toddler is even more frustrated by the holiday photo shenanigans than you are.


(Photo by Spi Be)

4. When the kids have just completely given up.


(Photo by Caroline Rodrick)

5. When the kids are NOT impressed by the special effects.


(Photo by Jessica Matthews Hall)

6. When the photo-bombers win.


(Photo by Amanda Kilfoil Krantz)

7. When your kid is about to slug Santa.


(Photo by Kaylee Ellis)

8. When #momlife doesn’t slow down, even for a family photo.


(Photo by Lea Jensen)

9. When you have 4 kids under 5 and this is as good as it gets.


(Photo by Becky O’Keefe)