7 Images that Prove Winter in Maine Can Be Awesome

Summer in Maine is incredible. Sun, sand and sparkling coastlines draw tourists from all across the country (and the world). But summer in Maine is short lived – three months at best. And then comes winter. Long, cold, dark and snowy winter.

But while almost every New Englander has complained about winter from time to time (mostly while trying to shovel 4-feet of snow out of their driveway only to repeat the process 12 hours later) it is somewhat of an “insider secret” how incredible Maine (and the rest of New England) is in the winter as well.

If these 7 photos don’t convince you to give New England winters a try…well then we just don’t know what will.

1. Majestic Mountains

We’re not sure what’s more magical – little Fawn’s unicorn-themed snow gear, or the stunning mountain range in front of her. This little daredevil is only three, and already tearing it up on the slopes. If you lived here, you could be this awesome, too. (Photo by Josiah Babcock)

2. Sky on Fire

Nope, it’s not the Northern Lights – just another winter sunset in Maine. (Photo by Katie McPherson)

And another one… (Photo by Adam Casey)

3. Salt Air and Snow

The beaches here are beautiful in summer, but take away all the tourists and add a dusting of snow and you’ve got a doggie paradise. Room to roam, waves to chase and picture perfect photo ops for the humans-in-tow. (Photo by Kristen Cameron)

4. One with Winter

Here in the Northeast we’re one with winter – literally. Something about that salt air mixed with pure powder days makes for snow beards like you’ve never seen. (Photo by Jared Baker)

5. Snowy Sunrise

It looks like a painting (or the background of an inspirational quote) – but here in New England we wake up to this kind of gorgeousness almost every single day. It may be cold but it sure if beautiful. (Photo by Charles Cormier)

6. Contrasting Colors

Winter often gets a bad rep for being bleak and gray – but here in the great outdoors there are acres and acres of pristine white snow, speckled with gorgeous pops of colors that only reach their peak in the heart of winter. (Photo by Cathy Wheelden)

7. Snowflake Tasting

If you’ve never tried it, you should. Here in New England snow tastes as good as it looks! Add a dash of pure maple syrup and you’ll never want to miss a New England winter again! (Photo by Hilary Dudley)

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