So Many Resolutions, So Little Time

If you look up “Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions” on Google, you are guaranteed to find “get fit (or lose weight)” and “spend more time with family” very high on the list of things to tackle in the New Year. It’s no secret both of these things will lead to a healthier mind, body and soul and many of us are lucky to accomplish just one of the ambitious (and sometimes unrealistic) goals we set for ourselves. So, the thought of trying to tackle two resolutions at once can seem a bit overwhelming. The good news is, we’ve found out you CAN do it- just ask our friends at WinterKids! They helped us come up with a list of 12 outdoor activities that engage the whole family AND help you get fit at the same time!

12 Fun Things to do in Winter

  1. Go hiking on your favorite trail with snowshoes or cross-country skis.  While you’re on your hike, be sure to keep an eye out for animal tracks.  You can use the WinterKids Animal Track Tracker to identify which animals were on your trail.
  2. Build a snow sculpture.  Bring the whole family together, burn some calories, and build a sculpture!  Be creative!  The snow is good for building more than just snowmen!
  3. Make a snowball target.  Make a circle in the snow, and use snowballs to target the circle.  The one who hits the circle the most times wins!  Of course, be sure to stay out of the way of the thrower!
  4. Geocaching is fun in the winter too!
  5. Make a winter carnival.  Planning a winter party?  Make it a winter carnival!  Winter obstacle courses are easy to create.  You can set up a slalom course with ski poles and run through the course.  You can also use two buckets and a pole as a hurdle or limbo.
  6. Go on an adventure to find a sledding hill.  If you don’t have a sledding hill at your house, that doesn’t mean you can’t sled.  Contact your local school, recreation department or golf course.  Often, they have a place where you can sled!
  7. Make a snow maze!
  8. Snow painting!  Mix liquid and water based Tempera non-toxic paints and make snow paintings!  On colder days, you can add a little rubbing alcohol to the paint to make sure it doesn’t freeze.
  9. Disc golf on snowshoes or cross-country skis!
  10. Get a WinterKids Passport!  The WinterKids Passport is the ultimate ticket to winter fun for Maine 5th, 6th and 7th graders!  The Passport offers free and discounted tickets, lessons and rentals at 50 areas all over Maine!
  11. Get a WinterKids FunPass!  Not old enough for a Passport?  Try the WinterKids FunPass!  The FunPass offers Maine’s youngest children, from preschool through 4th grade, the chance to try cross- country skiing and snowshoeing on groomed trails for free!
  12. Remember, most of the things you do in the summer, you can also do in the winter.  Be creative!  Think about your favorite summer activities and adapt them to winter!  You can also check out the WinterKids events calendar to find out what’s coming up in your neck of the woods.


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