Mom’s Guide to the Perfect Beach Bag

Here in Maine, June coaxes the sun out from behind the gray skies and July brings the warmth to match. Our gorgeous coastline offers an endless array of beautiful sunny beaches to cool off on a hot day. However, parents know that a beach day requires more than just loading kids, towels and a healthy supply of sunscreen into the car. A successful family day at the beach means preparing for every possible scenario, from boredom to hunger to wet and sandy kiddo messes. This simple guide to packing the perfect beach bag will prevent some common beach day mishaps and guarantee some fun in the sun that is more relaxing than stressful. But don’t forget the sunscreen, too!

  1. The perfect beach bag begins with the bag itself. This simple DIY waterproof duck tape beach bag is sure to keep all your contents dry, and in style! Pick your perfect duck tape pattern to personalize your bag and head to the water with no worry of getting it wet.image001-232x300
  2. For parents of adventurous kiddos who love the water, a beach day can mean chasing your little ones through the shallow waves or jumping in to make sure they don’t go too deep. This can spell disaster for those forgotten items in your pockets, especially ones that sink! Make sure you can get home and keep your keys afloat with this easy floating cork key chain. image004-300x190
  3. As entertaining as ocean waves and sandcastles can be, every parent is prepared for that inevitable whine: “I’m bored.” Recycle your empty Oakhurst milk cartons and keep your kids entertained with this fun and easy craft and beach game. Develop hand-eye coordination with a fun game of toss with your jug catchers or use them to scoop water to wash off at the end of the day.image003-300x230
  4. The most stress-inducing part of a family beach day is often not the activities, but rather, the sand that seems to appear in the most unexpected and impossible places – for weeks after your day in the sun! Save yourself this endless clean up and reduce sticky, sandy residue by simply adding a container of baby powder to your beach bag; it acts as a quick and easy sand remover.image002-300x225

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