The Natural Goodness of Maine

At our core, it’s making sure every sip tastes farm fresh. That we know the names of the farmers we work with. That we give back. Do more. Be more. We love being the dairy from Maine, of Maine. When you start there, the glass is always half full.

from our kitchen

Lemon-Berry Crepes with Maple Syrup

Silky and slightly sweet crepes, stuffed with the bright, zesty tang of lemon, cream cheese and yogurt. Sweeten the deal with a splash of maple syrup.

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What Drives Us

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Giving Goodness Giving Goodness

Ready, Set, Summer. Blueberry Milk is back

In New England, we summer. We kick things off with several sips of Maine Wild Blueberry Milk and keep the love going all season long. So, trade those boots for sandals and let’s get to summering.

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