The Natural Goodness of Maine

Slow mornings. Sandy feet. A sippy cup of milk and two cups of coffee by 8am. It’s farm fields and lakefronts and kids collecting acorns in the backyard. Maine is about family, fresh air and focusing on the things that matter most. So are we.

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3 Healthy Breakfast Kids Will Actually Want to Eat

Posted on January 8, 2018

Breakfast is hard. It’s early, it’s rushed, it’s sometimes in the car. It’s even tougher with kids who reject 90% of the options you give them. But sugary cereals and toaster pastries aren’t likely to get them through the school day. So what’s a well-meaning parent to do? Here are three healthy and protein-packed breakfast… Read more

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Lemon-Berry Crepes with Maple Syrup

Silky and slightly sweet crepes, stuffed with the bright, zesty tang of lemon, cream cheese and yogurt. Sweeten the deal with a splash of maple syrup.

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