Maine is more than a state.

It’s kindness and goodness all wrapped up into a state of mind of the people who live and work here. It’s what we call Maineness. It’s what we’re about and what we want to share. Real Milk. Real Maine. That’s Oakhurst.

Limited-Edition Avengers Milk
Everyone’s favorite Avengers characters are now on everyone’s favorite milk! Enjoy a fresh glass that’s calcium-rich for strong bones and protein-packed for strong muscles. Discover super nutrition for your superhero in the dairy aisle at your favorite grocery store.

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Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Donut
Flavored Whole Milk

For a Limited Time!

Introducing a delicious collaboration between Oakhurst and The Holy Donut! This new limited-edition flavored whole milk is inspired by the gourmet donut company’s popular Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Donut.

Donut Waste Another Minute

Light Cream

Your morning cup of Joe just got a lot creamier.

Add richness with a touch of light creamy goodness. Made without artificial growth hormone.

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