Children’s Museum Program

It’s important that we all understand where our food comes from – especially kids. By knowing the story of our food, we are better able to make choices that are good for us, and good for our communities and the planet. To help share the story of where healthy, wholesome Oakhurst milk comes from, we partner with local children’s museums in Northern New England. The exhibits and events we support help children and families better understand where their food comes from, reinforces the commitment to local food, and strengthens the ideals of healthy active kids.

From the story of pasteurization, and why we do it, to the first Farmer’s Pledge and the fight to keep artificial growth hormone out of milk, the events and displays we support all tell an important story kids can understand, and reinforce the simple truth that Oakhurst milk is a good choice. It comes from a cow right down the road, cared for by local independent farmers who work really hard to make sure your milk is fresh, delicious and full of all kinds of good stuff to keep you and your kids healthy and strong!

Tickets for special Oakhurst-supported events will be provided free of charge to each Oakhurst kid, and Oakie will be on hand to share the fun during vacation weeks.