At Oakhurst, we don’t just care about milk.

Kindness. Goodness. Maineness. These 3 words not only define the spirit of Maine, but serve as a challenge to both us and the community we call home. We believe if we do our part, and you do your part, together we’ll build a stronger and healthier world. And there’s something really good about that.

Grants to help spread Kindness. Goodness. Maineness.

Oakhurst wants to help you as you spread Kindness, Goodness, Maineness within your community. That’s why we’re offering grants of up to $5,000.

So whether you’re a school counselor who wants to help students build a community garden (Goodness), a teacher who wants to take your class on a field trip to the state capitol (Maineness), or a student group who wants to show the custodial team some appreciation (Kindness), tell us how you’re doing your part, and you may end up with a grant from Oakhurst to help cover your costs.

Enter Here for a Chance to Receive A Grant

Complete the application below to tell us about what you’re doing to bring kindness, goodness, and Maineness into your community. Once per quarter, we’ll award $5,000 in grants. Each quarter may have more than one grant recipient with the $5,000 divided between those selected. Grant recipients will be announced on social media.


Tell us about you, your project, and your funding needs in the following fields. The form will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Personal information will not be shared and will be deleted in 120 days. Full program rules available upon request.