How I ReboundAl Horford

“I always drank chocolate milk growing up.

When I moved to the States at 14, my dad and stepmom would buy it for me. But as I got older and played more, I gave it up for drinks I assumed were better for performance. But, after two pectoral tears, I learned working with a nutritionist that I was lacking in important nutrients, and that water alone couldn’t rehydrate me completely. They turned me back onto chocolate milk, which is now my secret weapon after workouts.”

—Al Horford

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Real ingredients For real recovery

Oakhurst low-fat chocolate milk has:


Natural, high-quality protein to build lean muscle

The right ratio

The right carb-to-protein ratio scientifically shown to refuel and rebuild exhausted muscles

Vitamin A

to support a healthy immune system and normal vision


including calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium, to help replenish what’s lost in sweat

3 Questions with Al

By many measures, this season did not end the way you hoped. How do you bounce back and build towards next year?

It’s true—it’s been very disappointing. Losing is difficult. We all expected more from each other; but, I do believe that we gave all we had.

And now it’s about resetting. Taking this time to re-focus and doing even more of what really matters to me is what helps me to bounce back—spending time with family and friends, working with kids in the Dominican Republic, and continuing to stay on top of my workouts and training.

A bad play. A bad stretch of the game. How do you mentally put the bad in the rearview mirror and get back at it?

Sometimes things just don’t go your way. There’s no looking back. Instead of dwelling on it, I use these challenging moments and learning experiences to fuel me for next year.

Let’s talk actual rebounding. If you were to list the three most important aspects to grabbing a rebound, what would they be?

Boxing out is everything and learning the right technique is crucial to success. Then, you need the desire and the mentality to out-hustle everyone else on the court.

“Every time I go out and play, I feel like the city has my back. And chocolate milk does too.”