Songs. Campfire. S’mores. The best of a Maine summer.

Sleepaway Summer Camp is a dream for many kids and peak Maineness. It’s why we’re partnering up with Holy Donut and YMCA Camp of Maine to make it free* for a few locals. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to apply! *The Oakhurst Scholarship covers the cost of the full week of camp. It does not include items you may need to bring.

A little bit more about
YMCA Camp of Maine

Founded in 1915, YMCA Camp of Maine is dedicated to providing overnight camp experiences that enrich campers’ sense of wonder, independence, and perseverance. Lake Cobbossee is the perfect backdrop for traditional summer camp living amongst the pines in this uniquely Maine Experience.

A few more details about the Scholarship

So what exactly are we signing up for here? Thought you’d never ask.
● The Scholarship week is June 23-29, 2024
● This is for ages 8-15
● The Camp is located at 305 Winthrop Center Road, Winthrop ME 04364
Complete the application below to be considered for an Oakhurst Summer Camp Scholarship. 5 Maine kids will be selected to experience a week of YMCA Camp, free of charge.*

*The Oakhurst Scholarship covers the cost of the full week of camp. It does not include items you may need to bring.

Personal information will not be shared and will be deleted in 120 days. Full program rules available upon request.


A parent or guardian must complete the below information on behalf of their child and they will be contacted should their child be selected to receive a scholarship to attend the YMCA Camp of Maine.


To participate, you child will need to:

  1. Write an essay.
  2. Your child should write the essay—in their own words.
  3. A parent or legal guardian will submit the essay on their behalf.

How the essays will be judged:

  1. The essay must be at least 500 words but no more than 1000 words.  (Maximum 4000 characters )
  2.  Essays will be reviewed based on the following criteria:
  • Relevance to the theme: How closely the main topic or idea you are talking about relates to the prompt.
  • Specific examples of activities you do that demonstrate these values.

Essay prompt: “How do you show Kindness, Goodness, and Maineness in your community?”

  • Kindness could be helping a neighbor with groceries or mowing their grass.
  • Goodness could be playing with a younger sibling when your parents are busy or helping a friend with homework.
  • Maineness might involve recycling at home or cleaning up your local park or beach.

In essence, your essay should explain how you practice and demonstrate these values in your community.