The Natural Goodness of Maine

Slow mornings. Sandy feet. A sippy cup of milk and two cups of coffee by 8am. It’s farm fields and lakefronts and kids collecting acorns in the backyard. Maine is about family, fresh air and focusing on the things that matter most. So are we.

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Back-to-School Breakfast: Veggie Omelets to Go

Posted on September 7, 2018

Mornings can be tricky when trying to get kids out the door on time. As parents, we desperately want to make sure our children are fed well, but it can be hard when the list of things that need to happen is long and the mornings are short. We need to pick our battles and… Read more

from our kitchen

Lemon-Berry Crepes with Maple Syrup

Silky and slightly sweet crepes, stuffed with the bright, zesty tang of lemon, cream cheese and yogurt. Sweeten the deal with a splash of maple syrup.

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Oakhurst whole milk + Wyman’s of Maine® Wild Blueberries
= a tasty treat made for the summer!

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