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Fuel Up to Play 60

"Living Natural Goodness" School Grants

Fuel Up To Play 60, a program launched by the National Dairy Council and the NFL, in collaboration with the USDA, is proud to partner with Oakhurst Dairy for "Living Natural Goodness" School Grants. To improve nutrition and physical activity in schools, Oakhurst is giving away $10,000 in "Living Natural Goodness" School Grants to participating Fuel Up To Play 60 schools throughout Northern New England. You could win up to $3,000 in funding for your local school!

Win up to $3,000 for your local school!

NFL footballTo apply for a "Living Natural Goodness" School Grant, please visit Fuel Up To Play 60 Funding Opportunities. You’ll find funding guidelines, eligibility criteria, application deadlines, application forms and more. Everything you need to help your school "Eat healthy, get active and make a difference."

Living Natural Goodness

Boy on bicycle At Oakhurst, we believe healthy kids, a healthy environment and healthy products go hand-in-hand. That’s why for three generations, our family-owned dairy has actively supported initiatives that make a healthy difference in our communities—initiatives like providing "Living Natural Goodness" School Grants, in support of Fuel Up To Play 60. We invite you to learn more about our Living Natural Goodness program.

Oakhurst, The Natural Goodness of Maine

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Help make your school a healthier place for kids.

Living Natural Goodness

The "Living Natural Goodness" School Grants program provides funding for school initiatives designed to:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of healthy eating and increased physical activity
  • Increase access to healthy, nutrient-rich foods in schools
  • Increase participation in physical activity in schools

Funding is available on a competitive basis for a wide variety of projects related to healthy eating and exercise. You’ll find dozens of ideas in the Fuel Up To Play 60 Playbook, as well as success stories from schools around the country.