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Oakhurst Introduces Diet Iced Tea Just in Time for Summer

Image for: Oakhurst Introduces Diet Iced Tea Just in Time for Summer

PORTLAND, MAINE — April 29, 2013 — Oakhurst announced today a new summer beverage that will be available across New England just in time for summer. Oakhurst’s  Diet Iced Tea has a refreshingly delicious taste and is also low in calorie. The new product, along with the company’s seven other Iced Tea and Lemonade flavors, is in stores now. For more information visit

Oakhurst’s Diet Iced Tea has five (5) calories per one cup serving (236 mL) versus 70 calories for the same serving amount of the regular Sweetened Iced Tea with Lemon Flavor – that is more than 90% fewer calories. The new product also contains no high fructose corn syrup.

“We've created our Diet Iced Tea specifically for those consumers who want a delicious tasting and refreshing diet option for one of their favorite summer beverages — Iced Tea,” said Bill Bennett, Oakhurst Dairy Chairman of the Board. “So as the weather heats up, we want to ask our consumers — whether they prefer diet or regular­ — to remember to cool off with an Oakhurst refreshing tea or lemonade.”

Oakhurst’s Diet Iced Tea joins a line up of seven other Oakhurst Iced Tea and Lemonade products including: Sweetened Iced Tea with Lemon, Iced Tea and Lemonade, Pomegranate Iced Tea, Wild Blueberry Iced Tea, Raspberry Iced Tea, Original Lemonade and Raspberry Lemonade. All products can be found in pint and half- gallon containers. And new for this summer, consumers will be able to find the Sweetened Iced Tea with Lemon and Original Lemonade in one-gallon containers.

Oakhurst Teas and Lemonades are available in the refrigerated section at major retailers and convenience stores throughout New England. The products retail approximately $.99 for a pint, $1.79 for a half gallon and $2.99 for a gallon.

About Oakhurst Dairy

Oakhurst is northern New England’s truly local brand that consumers trust for their milk. As the region’s largest independent family-owned dairy company, the Bennett family has stood behind every glass of Oakhurst milk and dairy product for more than 90 years.  And, Oakhurst is committed to the health and well being of the community and the environment in which it operates. Annually, Oakhurst contributes 10% of profits to local organizations through its Living Natural Goodness program to support healthy kids and a healthy environment – just another reason to choose Oakhurst, The Natural Goodness of Maine. For more information, visit


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