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Portland, ME –Oakhurst Dairy President Bill Bennett said today that his family's dairy is well-equipped for a strong future.  This is due to the vision and efforts of his brother, Stan Bennett, who passed away on Wednesday, February 23.

“Oakhurst is where it is today because of Stan's leadership and foresight; he always kept an eye on the future,” said Bill Bennett.  “For a number of years, we've put a lot of thought into making sure we have a caring, experienced and committed team in place; and this team will continue to lead us well into the future.”

Stan Bennett was named President of Oakhurst in 1983, replacing their father who retired at that time to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors.  Bill stated that he joined the dairy in 1975 and has been intimately involved in the dairy’s operations as a senior manager for the last two decades, most recently serving as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. 

Early last summer, Bill was named the dairy's President and Chief Operating Officer when Stan became ill.  Bill and Stan’s younger brother, John Bennett, assumed the role of Vice President of Operations at the same time.

Oakhurst is the region’s largest independent dairy, and Bill Bennett is responsible for developing and managing many of the strategies that are cornerstones of the dairy’s success.  This, coupled with a truly solid group of employees, has the Oakhurst well-poised for the future. 

Bill is the driving force behind the company’s emergence as a recognized leader in sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices, driving the company’s commitments to use solar power at its facilities, equip its truck fleet with fuel-saving aerodynamic skirts, deploy the industry’s first hybrid delivery truck, and develop and implement a highly fuel-efficient delivery route structure.

John Bennett joined the dairy in 2004 as Vice President of Sales and Marketing after owning and operating a successful wholesale seafood business on Portland’s waterfront.  Since coming to Oakhurst, John has managed multiple areas of the business, and most recently served as the company’s Vice President of Logistics, before assuming his new responsibilities.

Bill Bennett added that the dairy’s senior managers are a vital asset, bringing years of experience and creative service to the company.  “In every department, we are fortunate to have dedicated, thoughtful, dynamic and talented leadership.”

Members of the team and their years of service with Oakhurst include Althea Bennett-McGirr, Director of Customer Service and Consumer Affairs (30 years); Tom Brigham, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (15 years); Paul Connolly, Vice President of Logistics and Chief Information Officer (10 years); Joe Hyatt, Vice President of Human Resources and Administration (13 years); and Jim Lesser, Vice President of Marketing & Sales (6 years).

“Working with this exceptional group, John and I are certain all of our customers receive the quality of product and personal service they’ve come to expect from Oakhurst,” said Bill Bennett.  “Oakhurst is well positioned for the future, and we will continue to deliver the quality products we're known for because all our managers, supervisors and employee share the vision of quality first, followed closely by commitment to community.” 

About Oakhurst Dairy
Oakhurst is northern New England’s truly local brand of milk. As the region’s largest independent family-owned dairy company, Oakhurst is committed to the health and wellbeing of the community and the environment. For 90 years and three generations, the Bennett family has stood behind every glass of Oakhurst milk, while contributing 10% of profits to local organizations through their Living Natural Goodness program to support healthy kids and a healthy environment – just another reason to choose Oakhurst, The Natural Goodness of Maine. For more information, visit


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