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Oakhurst Dairy Revitalizes Website

PORTLAND, Maine (October 20, 2008) — Oakhurst Dairy announced today the launch of its new website at  The revitalized website will provide consumers and Oakhurst customers with more information on the Company and its products.  It also offers valuable tips on health and wellness and demonstrates Oakhurst’s commitment to community and the environment.

“Our new website is designed to reflect the core values of this family-owned, community-focused dairy,” said Jim Lesser, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Oakhurst. “The Oakhurst name stands for high-quality local products, commitment to community, and environmental leadership brand equities built up over an 87-year history and supported with the re-launch of our site.”

The new website, featuring the landscape motif on the Oakhurst packaging, is a refreshing update.  Visitors are introduced on the home page to the third generation of the Bennett family who run the Company, along with information on special promotional offers and recent Oakhurst news. 

Giving back is a significant component of the Oakhurst way. Visitors can learn about the many ways in which Oakhurst supports the community, including the Company’s long-standing tradition of donating 10% of profits to healthy kids and a healthy environment. 

Part of Oakhurst’s dedication to community is exhibited through its continued commitment to sustainability. The Company’s environmental efforts are detailed in the Being Green section of the site along with suggestions on simple ways everyone can contribute to making a positive impact on the environment.

The Health & Wellness area is where visitors can go to educate themselves on the health benefits of milk, read important guidelines and articles written by Oakhurst’s own dietitian Pam Stuppy MS, RD, LD, as well as ask Ms. Stuppy specific questions.  The site is the home to Oakhurst’s new health and wellness newsletter, the “Oakhurst Natural Goodness News,” which will be sent out quarterly.

For the trade, the site now features a secure function allowing retail and food service customers to order product directly from the website any time of day or night, making it even more convenient to order from Oakhurst.

“As one of the last, large independent family-run dairy companies, we at Oakhurst have a long history and special relationship with our consumers and customers,” said Linda Sheehy, Oakhurst Dairy’s Marketing Communications Manager.  “This new website honors our continued tradition of offering the best information we can provide about our products and our company. We are thrilled with the result and are confident those who visit the site will agree.”

Oakhurst is Northern New England’s largest, independent dairy company, with three generations of commitment to the health and wellbeing of the community and the environment. For 87 years, the Bennett family has stood behind every glass of Oakhurst milk. The company contributes 10% of annual profits to organizations that promote healthy kids and a healthy environment –– another good reason to choose the Natural Goodness of Maine. For more information visit 

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