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Oakhurst Dairy Farmers

Oakhurst maintains an unwavering commitment to quality, integrity and stewardship—values that have helped to support our dairy industry and keep our pastures green. We share these values with the dairy farmers who produce our milk and uphold our high quality standards. As you travel through Maine, look for these dairy farms that exclusively produce milk for Oakhurst.

  1. Aghaloma Farms
    Knox, ME
  2. Battle Ridge Dairy Farm
    Canaan, ME
  3. Bissell Farm
    Charleston, ME
  4. Broadcrest Farm LLC
    Ripley, ME
  5. Cole Farm
    Sidney, ME
  6. D. Suga & Sons Farm
    Vassalboro, ME
  7. Doak Farms
    Monroe, ME
  8. Farrand Farms
    Norridgewock, ME
  9. Fisher Farm
    Sabattus, ME
  10. Flaggy Meadow Farm
    Gorham, ME
  11. Fortin Farm
    Albion, ME
  12. Fourthgen Farms, LLC
    St. Albans, ME
  13. Gold Top Farm
    Knox, ME
  14. Halledge Farm #2
    Windham, ME
  15. Harrison Farm
    Arundel, ME
  16. Hemond Hill Farm
    Minot, ME
  17. Jasumi Farm
    Knox, ME
  18. Jones Farm
    Unity, ME
  19. Lambert Farm
    Norridgewock, ME
  20. Libbyland Dairy
    Corinth, ME
  21. Mantor Farm
    Madison, ME
  22. Maple Lane Farms
    Charleston, ME
  23. Martin Farm
    Corinth, ME
  24. Miller Farm
    Leeds, ME
  25. Mineral Spring Farm
    Windham, ME
  26. Mower Farm
    St. Albans, ME
  27. Noyes Farm
    Albion, ME
  28. Paine Farm
    Madison, ME
  29. Pearson Farm
    Albion, ME
  30. R. Smith Farm
    Norridgewock, ME
  31. R.E. Hemond, Inc.
    Minot, ME
  32. Ray Farm
    West Gardiner, ME
  33. Rocky Ledge Farm
    Biddeford, ME
  34. Scott Farm
    Garland, ME
  35. Silver Maple Farms Inc.
    Albion, ME
  36. Simpson Farm
    Corinna, ME
  37. Springdale Jersey Inc.
    Waldo, ME
  38. Stevens Dairy Farm
    China, ME
  39. Stoneridge Farm
    Arundel, ME
  40. The Wright Place
    Clinton, ME
  41. Thomas Jersey Farm
    Dover-Foxcroft, ME
  42. Veazland Farm
    Corinna, ME
  43. Velgouse Farm
    Kenduskeag, ME
  44. Wide Ruin Farm
    Newport, ME
  45. Williams Farms, Inc.
    North Anson, ME
  46. Winny-Knowl Farm
    Windham, ME